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Life After (TV) High School (2017)

High school settings have been a staple of popular TV for decades, but lately these “teenage dramas” are disappearing. With many characters graduating, and new series being developed or revamped to focus on the college, why has television abandoned these young formative years? Creators and showrunners who are immersed in the world discuss the NA […]

The Women of Grace & Frankie (2017)

An intimate conversation with the on and off-screen women that create “Grace & Frankie;” a comedic and heartfelt series that boldly tackles gender, age, sexual orientation, and a spectrum of relationship dynamics from mother/daughter to husband/wife to dating and of course, friendship. Relationships define the stories both in front of and behind the camera, from […]

MTV’s Evolution of Reality (2017)

Whether you see reality TV as an intriguing, ever-evolving art form, or a never-ending disrupter, there is simply no denying MTV’s legacy as the birthplace of the modern genre. From the early days of The Real World and Road Rules, which set the stage for conflict resolution and drama queens; to the highly stylized worlds […]