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Television in a Trumped Up America (2017)

After an election that resulted in riveting and addictive TV-viewing, much of the world has come out the other side feeling a spectrum of emotions: from fear to anger to confusion and perhaps, motivation. We’re often faced during this time of change with the question, “Where do we go from here?” Join creatives as they […]

Little in Common (2015)

Despite never going to air, Rob Thomas’ 2011 FOX pilot Little in Common featured a stellar comedic cast – including Kevin Hart, Gabrielle Union, Rob Corddry, and Heather Graham. ATX audiences were treated to a special once-in-a-lifetime screening of the unaired pilot, as well as a candid discussion about the pilot process with Rob Thomas […]

A Conversation with Kevin and Julie (2015)

Over the past fifteen years Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec’s careers have intertwined over and over and over again. Join them in a conversation as they look back over their working relationship, where it started and what they’ve learned from each other when it comes to navigating their way through Hollywood, co-creating a hit TV […]

Are You Listening? Fine-Tuning the Television Soundtrack (2014)

As television becomes more cinematic, the swelling of the music must follow suit. As a single episode now lives on by streaming, DVDs, and downloading, the artists must agree to their songs being used beyond comprehensible scope. And as audiences can now marathon an entire series, the quality of the music must be as consistent […]

An Assistant’s Tale (2014)

Breaking into the industry is daunting. There’s no single guaranteed way to accomplish it — you may go to film school, you may not graduate high school, you could start at an agency, a studio, on a production, or even working for your hero. Beginning as an assistant is one of the most common first […]

The Casting Director’s Production (2014)

The right casting choice can make or break a series, change the landscape of a story, or launch a career. However, the Casting Director’s role is more complex than simply picking the right actor for the job. Our panelists discuss their contribution to the production of a TV show, the balance of creative collaboration with […]

Keeping the Romance Alive: Falling in Love on TV (2016)

Who doesn’t love a good love story? The beautiful anxiety of a love triangle? Rooting for one “team’ or another? But how long can a “will they, won’t they” story sustain a TV series? Hear from writers whose TV series centered around a romantic through line, what pitfalls that can bring, and how to keep an […]

ATX TV Festival – Season 5 Sponsor Sizzle

ATX Festival’s Fourth Season had it’s finale on June 7, 2015. Re-live some of the wonderful events, sponsors, panelists, memories, programming and more in this all inclusive sizzle reel featuring: Gilmore Girls, Queer as Folk, Marta Kauffman, Denis Leary, Mae Whitman, Dawson’s Creek, and many more! ATX Television Festival Season 5: June 9-12, 2016 […]

Dawson’s Creek Writers’ Room Reunion (2015)

ATX’s first writers’ room reunion, featuring some of TV’s most prolific and influential creative forces as they discuss the inner workings and emotions of the writers’ room, and what they learned during their time spent working on one of the most iconic teen dramas of our time. Panelists: Kevin Williamson, Paul Stupin, Rob Thomas, Jenny […]

Dawson’s Creek Pilot Script Reading (2015)

Writer/Creator Kevin Williamson leads a surprise guest cast in a reading of the Dawson’s Creek pilot script on the final day of ATX Festival Season 4. Cast: Mae Whitman: Dawson Patrick J. Adams: Joey Abigail Spencer: Pacey Kerr Smith: Jen Louanne Stephens: Grams Derek Phillips: Mr. Leery Stacey Oristano: Mrs. Leery Arielle Kebbel: Tamara Kristian […]