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Fantasy TV: Creating the Believable in an Unbelievable World (2016)

The main rule of fantasy is simple, “don’t break the rules you create.” Viewers will follow you to the edge of your universe, as long as you don’t betray them. But what and who dictates the “rules” of the universe? Producers, writers, and development execs talk about what goes into the process (freedoms and limitations) […]

An Assistant’s Tale (2014)

Breaking into the industry is daunting. There’s no single guaranteed way to accomplish it — you may go to film school, you may not graduate high school, you could start at an agency, a studio, on a production, or even working for your hero. Beginning as an assistant is one of the most common first […]

ATX TV Festival Pitch Competition (2016)

Judges for 2016 include: Betsy Beers (Executive Producer/Partner, Shondaland) David Hudgins (Executive Producer/Creator) Kyle Killen (Executive Producer/ Creator) Graham Yost (Executive Producer/Creator) Noreen O’Toole (Co-Producer, Bad Robot) Ryan Andolina (VP of Production, Amazon Studios) Kate Lambert (VP Series Development, FX) Bryan Seabury (VP Drama Development, CBS) Franklin Leonard (Founder of The Black List) More information […]

Directing in a Writer’s World (2013)

A look at directors of episodic television. They say that TV is a writer’s medium…as opposed to film that is a director’s medium. If that’s true, then what does that mean for the director of a TV series? Have you ever noticed how most episodes are directed by different people from week to week? How […]