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Inside a Writers Room: Power Dynamics (2018)

The writer’s room is known for being a sacred space that strives for creative freedom, protecting those inside its walls with a sense of safety and respect. Yet, it is also a place where different levels of superiority can make this type of vulnerability difficult to navigate. Join us for a glimpse into the power […]

Crisis of Faith: Religion & Spirituality on TV (2016)

Even in the age of ‘Peak TV,’ explorations of religion and spirituality remain scarce — but comedies and dramas alike are finding the humanity and nuance in faith-based storylines, whether it’s reconciling concepts of self and sexuality in religion, or questioning a long-standing ideology. How does a series navigate what role a character’s faith will […]

The Shield Writers Room Reunion (2016)

In 2002, FX’s original series The Shield – an unblinking, unapologetic take on the cop-procedural – sent a shockwave through television, due largely in part to creator Shawn Ryan and his equally unblinking writing team. While these writers have gone on to create, show-run, and produce a prolific amount of excellent television, we’re bringing them […]