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The Women of Grace & Frankie (2017)

An intimate conversation with the on and off-screen women that create “Grace & Frankie;” a comedic and heartfelt series that boldly tackles gender, age, sexual orientation, and a spectrum of relationship dynamics from mother/daughter to husband/wife to dating and of course, friendship. Relationships define the stories both in front of and behind the camera, from […]

Reflective Casting: Trends or Content? (2015)

From beginning to end, casting directors work with directors, writers, and producers to shape the look and feel of a series from leads to guest stars. They are the front line in creating the casts of your favorite series. Listen to this unique and diverse group discuss the trends they have seen in the past […]

Dream On (2015)

25 years after its premiere, the creatives behind Dream On – including creator Marta Kauffman, director Betty Thomas, and casting director Tracy Lilienfield – and its star Brian Benben are back! They discuss their favorite production memories and the early days of working at HBO. Moderator: Sara Osburn Season 6: June 8-11, 2017

The Casting Director’s Production (2014)

The right casting choice can make or break a series, change the landscape of a story, or launch a career. However, the Casting Director’s role is more complex than simply picking the right actor for the job. Our panelists discuss their contribution to the production of a TV show, the balance of creative collaboration with […]

Blind Casting (2016)

Historically, most character breakdowns are intrinsically tied to age, gender, race, and ethnicity — which can make casting extremely specific when it comes to finding the actor to embody that character. But times they are a changin’. The concept of “blind casting” comes when a creator has shaped a character in his or her mind, […]

A Conversation with Marta Kauffman (2015)

Moderator Ben Blacker (Nerdist Writers Panel) leads an intimate discussion with Marta Kauffman, as she looks back at a career which includes creating one of HBO first scripted series (Dream On), co-creating one of the highest rated (and most beloved) TV series of all time (Friends), and now the move into creating streaming content (Grace […]