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Understanding the Enemy (2017)

A common element of humanity that spans generations of social and cultural interactions, and is deeply embedded in our DNA, is the concept of the “enemy” (or the “other”) that we all must face. Whether it is external or internal, this conflict continues to grip us as we explore the meaning of our own enemy: […]

Sneaky Pete (2017)

Executive producer/showrunner Graham Yost, director Adam Arkin and cast members Marin Ireland, Libe Barer and Shane McRae join IndieWire’s Ben Travers for an in-depth look at Amazon Prime Video’s highly-acclaimed dramatic original series Sneaky Pete, discussing what made the dramedy stick out in today’s Peak TV era, the unique experience of working with the leading […]

First Gigs & Big Breaks: A Look at Both Sides of Opportunity (2017)

Breaking into every industry requires a combination of timing, luck, talent, and relationships. For many TV writers, that “big break” is getting a showrunner to take a risk by inviting a newcomer into the writers room for the first time. This unique conversation between pairs of writers, one who took a chance and one who […]

ATX TV Festival Sizzle (2016)

ATX Festival Season 5 took place in Austin, TX from June 9-12, 2016. Re-visit the events and panelists that made it possible in this sizzle reel, featuring Ugly Betty, Norman Lear, Rescue Me, The Shield Writers, The O.C., Friday Night Lights, and more! ATX Television Festival Season 6: June 8-11, 2017 Produced by: Arts […]

Justified (2014)

Future-ATX Advisory Board member and Justified creator Graham Yost sat down with series star Joelle Carter to discuss the challenges of writing Season 5, Ava’s time in prison, and the pressure to stick the landing with the series’ upcoming final season. Moderator: Ben Blacker Season 6: June 8-11, 2017

Drama on Demand: An Afternoon with Amazon Studios (2016)

Join Amazon Studios’ Head of Drama Development Morgan Wandell and the executive producers of Sneaky Pete, Hand of God, and Trial as they give an exclusive inside look at each of their original series launching this fall; as well as discuss what makes Amazon Prime Video a perfect fit for these individual stories and unique […]

ATX Festival Season 5 Bumper (2016)

5 seasons and 100 festival hours later, ATX is SYNDICATED! We checked in with our Ambassadors, Alums, and Advisory Board members for tips on how to keep Season 5 fresh and exciting — and what comes next! Stay tuned to for new sizzles, panels, and Q&As from Season 5, or re-live favorite moments from […]

The Final Finale (2015)

As true fans, we’ve all had show depression. As our favorite story fades to black, that final image ingrains itself in our hearts forever. Now, imagine the weight that comes with deciding on that final shot, satisfying a viewer while doing the characters justice, and still being able to sleep at night. Only a select […]

Hey Dude Reunion (2014)

Take a walk down memory lane with a heaping helping of 90s nostalgia care of writers/producers Alan Goodman, Graham Yost, and Lisa Melamed, plus cast members: Christine Taylor (Melody), David Lascher (Ted), David Brisbin (Mr. Ernst), Josh Tygiel (Buddy), Debrah Kalman (Lucy), Jonathan Galkin (Jake), Geoffrey Coy (Kyle). Moderator: Buzzfeed’s Jarett Wieselman.  

ATX TV Festival Pitch Competition (2016)

Judges for 2016 include: Betsy Beers (Executive Producer/Partner, Shondaland) David Hudgins (Executive Producer/Creator) Kyle Killen (Executive Producer/ Creator) Graham Yost (Executive Producer/Creator) Noreen O’Toole (Co-Producer, Bad Robot) Ryan Andolina (VP of Production, Amazon Studios) Kate Lambert (VP Series Development, FX) Bryan Seabury (VP Drama Development, CBS) Franklin Leonard (Founder of The Black List) More information […]

Justified: The Series (2015)

It ended. The final showdown has come and gone. But is it ever really over? Don’t you know they are always waiting for you to live and relive at any moment with the click of a button — JUSTIFIED: THE COMPLETE FINAL SEASON is available on Blu-ray™ and DVD from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment: including […]