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Fandom Rising: The Impact of Fan Culture in the Age of Social Media (2016)

Though the concept of Fandom has been active for decades, in the current age of Kickstarter, hashtags, trending topics, and streaming platforms, TV fan(atic)s have found relatively new power to make, break, or even revive a series. Hear from showrunners, writers, and actors who regularly engage with their audiences as they discuss the ever-evolving impact […]

Keeping the Romance Alive: Falling in Love on TV (2016)

Who doesn’t love a good love story? The beautiful anxiety of a love triangle? Rooting for one “team’ or another? But how long can a “will they, won’t they” story sustain a TV series? Hear from writers whose TV series centered around a romantic through line, what pitfalls that can bring, and how to keep an […]

ATX Festival Season 5 Bumper (2016)

5 seasons and 100 festival hours later, ATX is SYNDICATED! We checked in with our Ambassadors, Alums, and Advisory Board members for tips on how to keep Season 5 fresh and exciting — and what comes next! Stay tuned to for new sizzles, panels, and Q&As from Season 5, or re-live favorite moments from […]