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Castle Rock (2018)

Following an exclusive first look at footage from Hulu’s original series Castle Rock, creators and showrunners Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason joined ATX for an extended discussion on the highly-anticipated upcoming psychological horror series, set in the Stephen King universe. Castle Rock premieres July 25, only on Hulu! Panelists: Sam Shaw, Dustin Thomason Moderator: Ben […]

Felicity: 20 Year Reunion (2018)

Dear Sally: Can you believe it’s been 20 years? ATX, Entertainment Weekly, and Hulu present a special reunion celebrating 20 years since the premiere of the college-angst classic Felicity, from creators JJ Abrams and Matt Reeves. Join cast and creatives as we revisit the series that launched a generation of college grads, from the hair, […]

TGIHulu! (2018)

The long-awaited return of ABC’s iconic 90’s comedy block is FINALLY here, thanks to Hulu! Join the conversation with the creators and cast behind fan favorite series Boy Meets World, Family Matters, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Perfect Strangers as we revisit the catchphrases, the larger-than-life characters, and discover how the pop-culture phenomenon that brought […]

Presidents of the State of TV

From network to cable to streaming platforms, these individuals are deciding the fate of your current and future favorite programming. As we continue to live in a perpetual state of “”Peak TV,”” how does a network or studio decide what content to create? How do they balance their brand, while continuing to grow and challenge […]

The Path (2016)

With Season 1 of Hulu’s gripping drama series in the can, The Path creator Jessica Goldberg and executive producer Jason Katims sat down with ATX audiences to answer all their pressing questions about the enthralling season finale. Moderator: Debra Birnbaum (Variety) Season 6: June 8-11, 2017

Development Executives: Business Meets Creative (2016)

We’ve heard creators talk about (bemoan, complain, and at times, compliment) getting “notes” from the studio and network, but there’s not much known about who these phantom note givers are and what their role entails. Meet the Development Executives. These studio and network gurus will explain their role in the process of getting an episode […]

The Peak TV Effect (2016)

In an age of “too much TV” and “not enough time,” networks and studios face the undeniable need to define their brand. Ironically, this means that while viewers may have an embarrassment of riches in terms of content and platforms to choose from, networks/studios choices become more limited as their brand becomes more specific. Hear […]

Casual (2016)

The stars of Hulu’s hit dramedy CASUAL – Michaela Watkins, Tommy Dewey, and Tara Lynne Barr – were joined by creator Zander Lehmann and executive producers Liz Tigelaar, Jason Reitman and Helen Estabrook to talk about the show’s upcoming second season Moderator: Danielle Nussbaum (Entertainment Weekly) ATX TV Festival Season 6: June 8-11, 2017 […]