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Fantasy TV: Creating the Believable in an Unbelievable World (2016)

The main rule of fantasy is simple, “don’t break the rules you create.” Viewers will follow you to the edge of your universe, as long as you don’t betray them. But what and who dictates the “rules” of the universe? Producers, writers, and development execs talk about what goes into the process (freedoms and limitations) […]

ATX Festival Season 5 Bumper (2016)

5 seasons and 100 festival hours later, ATX is SYNDICATED! We checked in with our Ambassadors, Alums, and Advisory Board members for tips on how to keep Season 5 fresh and exciting — and what comes next! Stay tuned to for new sizzles, panels, and Q&As from Season 5, or re-live favorite moments from […]

Hell on Wheels (2013)

ATX Television Festival Screening of HELL ON WHEELS was followed by a Q&A with executive producer JOHN WIRTH and cast member ANSON MOUNT. Moderated By: Todd VanDerWerff of the AVClub.