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Life After (TV) High School (2017)

High school settings have been a staple of popular TV for decades, but lately these “teenage dramas” are disappearing. With many characters graduating, and new series being developed or revamped to focus on the college, why has television abandoned these young formative years? Creators and showrunners who are immersed in the world discuss the NA […]

A Showrunner Defined

“show·run·ner ˈSHōˌrənər/ Noun the person who has overall creative authority and management responsibility for a television program.” Despite a clear and succinct definition, the job is anything but concise. Every series is run differently, and every job has a new set of perks and challenges. Listen as this group of showrunners have an in-depth discussion […]

First Gigs & Big Breaks: A Look at Both Sides of Opportunity (2017)

Breaking into every industry requires a combination of timing, luck, talent, and relationships. For many TV writers, that “big break” is getting a showrunner to take a risk by inviting a newcomer into the writers room for the first time. This unique conversation between pairs of writers, one who took a chance and one who […]

Television in a Trumped Up America (2017)

After an election that resulted in riveting and addictive TV-viewing, much of the world has come out the other side feeling a spectrum of emotions: from fear to anger to confusion and perhaps, motivation. We’re often faced during this time of change with the question, “Where do we go from here?” Join creatives as they […]

Turn Down for What?! A Look at Testing + Focus Groups (2015)

For many TV series, testing a pilot is a thing of the past, yet, the major networks still keep the process alive, and to many creators, it’s an excruciating part of the pilot process. Kyle Killen returns for another indepth look at a specific track of television production with a presentation on the testing process. […]

A Conversation with Kevin and Julie (2015)

Over the past fifteen years Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec’s careers have intertwined over and over and over again. Join them in a conversation as they look back over their working relationship, where it started and what they’ve learned from each other when it comes to navigating their way through Hollywood, co-creating a hit TV […]

ATX Festival Season 5 Bumper (2016)

5 seasons and 100 festival hours later, ATX is SYNDICATED! We checked in with our Ambassadors, Alums, and Advisory Board members for tips on how to keep Season 5 fresh and exciting — and what comes next! Stay tuned to for new sizzles, panels, and Q&As from Season 5, or re-live favorite moments from […]

ATX Television Festival Kickstarter Promo

ATX: a Television Festival bursted onto the scene with their Kickstarter promo in mid January. Contributions (text/video) from: Arielle Kebbel & Matt Lanter (90210), Liz Tigelaar (Life Unexpected), Julie Plec (The Vampire Diaries), Paul James (Greek), Ahmed Ahmed (Comedian), Chris Gorham (Covert Affairs), Kyle Killen (Lone Star/Awake), Betty Thomas (Hill Street Blues, Dream On). PLEASE […]

Dawson’s Creek Writers’ Room Reunion (2015)

ATX’s first writers’ room reunion, featuring some of TV’s most prolific and influential creative forces as they discuss the inner workings and emotions of the writers’ room, and what they learned during their time spent working on one of the most iconic teen dramas of our time. Panelists: Kevin Williamson, Paul Stupin, Rob Thomas, Jenny […]