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Reflective Casting: Trends or Content? (2015)

From beginning to end, casting directors work with directors, writers, and producers to shape the look and feel of a series from leads to guest stars. They are the front line in creating the casts of your favorite series. Listen to this unique and diverse group discuss the trends they have seen in the past […]

An Assistant’s Tale (2014)

Breaking into the industry is daunting. There’s no single guaranteed way to accomplish it — you may go to film school, you may not graduate high school, you could start at an agency, a studio, on a production, or even working for your hero. Beginning as an assistant is one of the most common first […]

The Casting Director’s Production (2014)

The right casting choice can make or break a series, change the landscape of a story, or launch a career. However, the Casting Director’s role is more complex than simply picking the right actor for the job. Our panelists discuss their contribution to the production of a TV show, the balance of creative collaboration with […]

Blind Casting (2016)

Historically, most character breakdowns are intrinsically tied to age, gender, race, and ethnicity — which can make casting extremely specific when it comes to finding the actor to embody that character. But times they are a changin’. The concept of “blind casting” comes when a creator has shaped a character in his or her mind, […]

Orange is the New Black (2014)

On the highly anticipated release date of Orange is the New Black’s second season, ATX audiences were treated to a screening of the season premiere, followed by a Q&A with fan-favorite actors Uzo Aduba, Danielle Brooks, and Lea DeLaria. Moderator: Todd VanDerWerff Season 6: June 8-11, 2017