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Inside a Writers Room: Power Dynamics (2018)

The writer’s room is known for being a sacred space that strives for creative freedom, protecting those inside its walls with a sense of safety and respect. Yet, it is also a place where different levels of superiority can make this type of vulnerability difficult to navigate. Join us for a glimpse into the power […]

An Assistant’s Tale (2014)

Breaking into the industry is daunting. There’s no single guaranteed way to accomplish it — you may go to film school, you may not graduate high school, you could start at an agency, a studio, on a production, or even working for your hero. Beginning as an assistant is one of the most common first […]

Everwood Reunion (2014)

Check out the fantastically emotional and hilarious release of our Everwood reunion including creator Greg Berlanti, producers David Hudgins and Rina Mimoun, composer Blake Neely, The WB President Jordan Levin, and cast: Gregory Smith, Brenda Strong, Sarah Drew, Debra Mooney, John Beasley, Tom Amandes, (and a special appearance by Chris Pratt). Moderator: David Hudgins (Executive […]