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Younger presented by TV Land (2019)

Younger returned to ATX for the 5th year with star Debi Mazar and writers Sarah Choi and Joe Murphy to discuss all the drama of Season 6! Younger airs Wednesdays on TV Land! Panelists: Debi Mazar, Sarah Choi, Joe Murphy Moderator: Emily Longeretta (Us Weekly) Season 9 | June 4-7, 2020 | Austin, TX Attend: […]

Breaking Down the Binary (2018)

For LGBTQIA viewers, TV has long been a medium of binaries — gay or straight; male or female; cisgender or transgender — but the past few years have seen a swell of characters who aren’t so easily defined. From teen soaps, to cable dramedies, the spectrum of visibility has grown to include bisexual+ and non-binary […]

One Day at a Time (2018)

Netflix presents a panel conversation with co-creator and executive producer Gloria Calderon Kellett, and cast members Justina Machado, Rita Moreno and Isabella Gomez discussing the importance of representation and how the critically-acclaimed series showcases women across generations. Panelists: Gloria Calderon Kellett, Justina Machado, Isabella Gomez, Rita Moreno, Pamela Fryman Moderator: Maureen Ryan Season 8 | […]

A Conversation with Ray Liotta (2018)

He may be best known as one of Scorsese’s Goodfellas, but Ray Liotta’s small screen career looms just as large as his big screen personas. From soap operas, to the The Simpsons, to an Emmy-winning stint on ER, Liotta’s ability to transition from guest star to leading man has made him one of television’s most […]

Wynonna Earp (2018)

SYFY and IDW Entertainment present a conversation with the showrunner & cast of the cult hit series, WYNONNA EARP, praised by critics and fans alike for its impactful female characters, positive LGBTQ representation and badass performances. Deemed as one of Variety’s “20 Best TV Shows of 2017,” “Wynonna Earp” continues to blaze new trails as […]

Show Me All Your Flaws (2018)

Flawed characters can often blur the line between endearing and infuriating. How many times have you wanted to yell at your TV about a choice one of your favorite characters is currently (or continuously) making? Or cheered when they overcame personal battle? This discussion dives into the delicate balance of creating and portraying character imperfections […]

Politically Minded presented by the TV Campfire (2018)

As real world political issues continue to be a relentless barrage on our Twitter feeds and real lives, filling the role of “reality is stranger than fiction,” TV’s “imaginary” landscape can be difficult to view through an escapist lens. Creatives almost have no choice but to incorporate true political issues into their narratives through fictional […]

Understanding the Enemy (2017)

A common element of humanity that spans generations of social and cultural interactions, and is deeply embedded in our DNA, is the concept of the “enemy” (or the “other”) that we all must face. Whether it is external or internal, this conflict continues to grip us as we explore the meaning of our own enemy: […]

Lived In: A Look at the Family Drama (2017)

While it may come in a variety of shapes and sizes, the concept of ’family’ is undeniably universal — which is why it so often finds itself central to many of TV’s most compelling and emotional series. The creatives behind some of the most memorable modern family dramas discuss the process of shaping these familial […]

Sons of Anarchy: The Directors (2017)

“Adrenalized soap opera, bloody pulp fiction, highly complex characters…” For seven seasons, an all-star slate of television directors deftly navigated the challenging gauntlet set forth in Kurt Sutter’s Shakespearean biker drama, Sons of Anarchy — a series that featured some of television’s most gruesome violence and debauchery, while also tenderly exploring the dynamics of power, […]

A Network’s Identity: Brave New World or Business as Usual? (2017)

With each passing year, more TV networks are dipping their toes into original programming, new streaming services are rapidly sprouting up, and out-of-nowhere smash hits are appearing in the most unlikely of places. As the landscape becomes unpredictable and malleable, each network is grappling to find its own place on the spectrum — do they […]

The Women of Grace & Frankie (2017)

An intimate conversation with the on and off-screen women that create “Grace & Frankie;” a comedic and heartfelt series that boldly tackles gender, age, sexual orientation, and a spectrum of relationship dynamics from mother/daughter to husband/wife to dating and of course, friendship. Relationships define the stories both in front of and behind the camera, from […]