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Drunk History (2019)

Drunk History series creator & host Derek Waters brought together special guests Colin Hanks, Lyric Lewis, and Doug Jones to discuss the upcoming sixth season of the Comedy Central hit. Drunk History airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on Comedy Central. Panelists: Colin Hanks, Lyric Lewis, and Doug Jones Moderator: Derek Waters Season 9 | June 4-7, […]

Inside a Writers Room: Power Dynamics (2018)

The writer’s room is known for being a sacred space that strives for creative freedom, protecting those inside its walls with a sense of safety and respect. Yet, it is also a place where different levels of superiority can make this type of vulnerability difficult to navigate. Join us for a glimpse into the power […]

TGIHulu! (2018)

The long-awaited return of ABC’s iconic 90’s comedy block is FINALLY here, thanks to Hulu! Join the conversation with the creators and cast behind fan favorite series Boy Meets World, Family Matters, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Perfect Strangers as we revisit the catchphrases, the larger-than-life characters, and discover how the pop-culture phenomenon that brought […]

Life After (TV) High School (2017)

High school settings have been a staple of popular TV for decades, but lately these “teenage dramas” are disappearing. With many characters graduating, and new series being developed or revamped to focus on the college, why has television abandoned these young formative years? Creators and showrunners who are immersed in the world discuss the NA […]

I’ll Have What Phil’s Having… for Breakfast! (2017)

Phil Rosenthal may have created Everybody Loves Raymond, but his heart is in his stomach, and he’s taken his love for food to the small screen with his James Beard Award winning series, “I’ll Have What Phil’s Having.” 5 Words that won’t steer you wrong. In this conversation, Phil and writer/creator Jennifer Kaytin Robinson sit […]

Pre-Packaged For Your Enjoyment (2017)

“Peak TV” means that there’s room in the marketplace for both original ideas and pre-existing stories, much of which is mined from source material (graphic novels, comics, fiction and non-fiction books, movies), otherwise known as I.P. (Intellectual Properties). Join a conversation with executives and creatives as they discuss the pros & cons of finding and […]

A Showrunner Defined

“show·run·ner ˈSHōˌrənər/ Noun the person who has overall creative authority and management responsibility for a television program.” Despite a clear and succinct definition, the job is anything but concise. Every series is run differently, and every job has a new set of perks and challenges. Listen as this group of showrunners have an in-depth discussion […]

Hannah’s Squad: Sometimes It Takes a GIRLS Village (2017)

From early to late twenties, these “girls” grew up to become “women” with the gentle help (sometimes obstructive, other times self-absorbed behavior) of the characters around and the production team behind them. Following the final season of HBO’s Girls, we discuss how the series was sold and the evolution from the point of view of […]

First Gigs & Big Breaks: A Look at Both Sides of Opportunity (2017)

Breaking into every industry requires a combination of timing, luck, talent, and relationships. For many TV writers, that “big break” is getting a showrunner to take a risk by inviting a newcomer into the writers room for the first time. This unique conversation between pairs of writers, one who took a chance and one who […]

Creating & Casting: Collaboration Built on Trust (2017)

The delicate relationship between the creator and the Casting Director is rarely explored. Often the first to be hired on a project, the Casting Director collaborates with the showrunner from the ground-up to begin fulfilling their vision. Together, they navigate creative preferences, negotiate with agents and managers, take on studio and network input, location casting, […]

Directors & Showrunners: A Collaboration (2017)

You’ve heard it before, “Film is a director’s medium,” clearly implying TV belongs to the writer. While that statement can easily be debated, it is undoubtedly true that the showrunner is at the helm, and an episodic director must follow his or her lead. As different directors tackle single episodes or an entire series, a […]

MTV’s Evolution of Reality (2017)

Whether you see reality TV as an intriguing, ever-evolving art form, or a never-ending disrupter, there is simply no denying MTV’s legacy as the birthplace of the modern genre. From the early days of The Real World and Road Rules, which set the stage for conflict resolution and drama queens; to the highly stylized worlds […]