3 Rounds with Betsy Beers: A Look Inside ShondaLand (2016)

Shondaland is place filled with drama, love, secrets, lies, heartbreak, hope, and life-threatening circumstances. Its residents are gladiators, politicians, interns, doctors, lawyers, and even presidents. While this “land” is obviously presided over by a woman named “Shonda” the train is kept on the tracks by a woman named Betsy. Join Ms. Beers for a live edition of EW’s series “Three Rounds with…,” as we pour the Tito’s Handmade Vodka for Annalise, toast some tequila for Meredith Grey, and have a glass of red for Olivia Pope, while Betsy spills (hopefully not her drink) to EW’s editor-in-chief about her role in Shondaland, how it began and evolved, and where TGIT’s leading ladies might be headed.

Panelist: Betsy Beers

Moderator: Henry Goldblatt

Season 6: June 8-11, 2017