Casting Deconstructed (2013)

ATX Television Festival filmed Season 2 panels! We are still growing, so the single shot is all we have, and in this panel you need to listen closely, but it’s so worth it! Curious how your favorite actor landed a lead in your new favorite show? Or how a guest star is cast, potentially creating a role that is more memorable than the series regulars? And how does a casting director know a “real” person will be just the right amount of crazy and heart to make for addictive, unscripted binge-viewing? Hear about the casting process from all view points as Emmy award winning casting director Beth Sepko speaks to traditional & real person casting, Kelsey Porter talks unscripted casting for series like The Biggest Loser, while Liz Tigelaar addresses the creator’s role in the casting process, Devon Odessa, an actor turned acting coach, tells of her unique take on the audition process, and actors, Nick Wecshler and Lindsey McKeon, reveal the ups and downs of the audition process, growing as actors, and breaking out of type-casting. [L to R: Kelsey Porter, Liz Tigelaar, Lindsey McKeon, Devon Odessa, Beth Sepko, Nick Wechsler & Moderator: Ryan McGee]


Filmed by LickonaVision.