Crisis of Faith: Religion & Spirituality on TV (2016)

Even in the age of ‘Peak TV,’ explorations of religion and spirituality remain scarce — but comedies and dramas alike are finding the humanity and nuance in faith-based storylines, whether it’s reconciling concepts of self and sexuality in religion, or questioning a long-standing ideology. How does a series navigate what role a character’s faith will play in his or her story, or the show as a whole? These creatives discuss how they navigate questions of God and church within their own series, and the role of religion in an ever-expanding landscape of content.

Panelist: Jessica Goldberg, Brenda Lilly, Hollis Rich, Glen Mazzara, Jack Amiel, Tom Fontana

Moderator: Sandra Gonzalez (Mashable)
Season 6: June 8-11, 2017