Critic Tweets: Land of Hot Takes, Screener Privilege, and Subtweets (2016)

The age of Twitter and intense social im(media)cy has granted TV lovers a peek into the nitty gritty details of series from start to finish. Arguably the most entertaining is the live discourse among the community of television critics that has emerged over the last decade. With direct and instant engagement with their favorite writers, balancing live viewing discussions, a bounty of showrunner post-mortem interviews, bi-annual TCA press tours, plus the addition of fans voraciously consuming endless amounts of content – how are TV’s most thoughtful, overworked, underpaid, opinionated, loudmouth critics supposed to keep an impartial balance? Listen to them discuss the joys and struggles that come with navigating the immediate and rapid-response world of social media all while keep their personal perspectives ultimately theirs.

Panelists: Tim Goodman, Dan Fienberg, Libby Hill, Todd VanDerWerff, Alan Sepinwall
Season 6: June 8-11, 2017