Defining Docuseries (2015)

The landscape of unscripted television continues to expand to include multiple sub-genres like “celebrity.” “lifestyle,” “competition,” and “docuseries.” Understanding the definitions of each is near impossible, with viewers and producers bringing their own perceptions to the table. Are the “Real Housewives” a docuseries? Are they celebrities?

As “reality” series rise to peaks of sensationalism, viewer’s expectations for quality reach an all time low. Though there are still some networks and producers who are raising the bar, creating content not only on par with scripted but at times surpassing it with cinematic storytelling.

Join executive producers and network executives responsible for “High Profits,” “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown,” “Morgan Spurlock Inside Man,” “30 Days” and more discuss, debate, and ultimately define, once and for all, what a “docuseries” should be.

Panelists: Lizzie Kerner, Pat Kondelis, Ethan Goldman, Sandra Zweig, Charlie Ebersol

Moderator: Sandra Gonzalez
Season 6: June 8-11, 2017