Pre-Packaged For Your Enjoyment (2017)

“Peak TV” means that there’s room in the marketplace for both original ideas and pre-existing stories, much of which is mined from source material (graphic novels, comics, fiction and non-fiction books, movies), otherwise known as I.P. (Intellectual Properties). Join a conversation with executives and creatives as they discuss the pros & cons of finding and purchasing pre-existing properties across all formats, employing appropriate talent to adapt, packaging with cast and directors, and selling to networks. Whether it be limited/event series or anthologies or ongoing series, join us for a dialogue about how IP is playing a bigger and bigger role in what we’re watching!

Panelists: Peter Gal, Simran Sethi, Ali Krug, Alex Maggioni, Carolyn Newman, Grant Gish, Kathleen McCaffrey

Moderator: Dan Fienberg (The Hollywood Reporter)
Season 7 | June 7-10, 2018 | Austin, TX