Show Me All Your Flaws (2018)

Flawed characters can often blur the line between endearing and infuriating. How many times have you wanted to yell at your TV about a choice one of your favorite characters is currently (or continuously) making? Or cheered when they overcame personal battle? This discussion dives into the delicate balance of creating and portraying character imperfections that are realistic while also leading the audience to a better understanding of a character’s motivations and actions, whether they be right, wrong, or somewhere on the large spectrum in between.

Panelists: Liz Tigelaar, Christopher C. Rogers, Kat Candler, Jonathan Tucker, Kristoffer Polaha, Scott McNairy

Moderator: Danielle Turchiano (Variety)
Season 8 | June 6–9, 2019 | Austin, TX