The Bloodworth Bunch (2017)

Television producer, writer and creator Linda Bloodworth-Thomason has penned over 350 comedic episodes, and in the process, earned a reputation as the voice of smart, Southern humor on television. From the legendary Sugarbaker women of Atlanta (Designing Women), to the critically lauded small-town characters of Evening Shade to the darkly hilarious political comedy Hearts Afire, and even the Texas women of 12 Miles of Bad Road that never made it to air, Bloodworth-Thomason and team have fearlessly tackled misogyny, racism, political correctness, domestic violence, mental illness, AIDS, homophobia, elitism and regionalism, while delivering it with sophisticated charm. Join an expansive conversation on these series’, the Southern identity, and the current state of culture, politics, and art on TV.

Panelists: Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, Marilu Henner, Kim Dickens
Moderator: Bill Keith (Entertainment Weekly)
Season 7 | June 7-10, 2018 | Austin, TX