The (Un)scribe: A Conversation with Non-Writing Producers (2016)

We’re frequently told that TV is a writer’s medium — so how important is the role of a “non-writing producer”? Extremely. These gladiators have helped shepherd some of our favorite shows to the small screen. Whether they have partnered in a production company with an uber-creator like Shonda Rhimes, or taken on a variety of large and small projects with multiple writers — these mega-producers shed light on their many responsibilities, from being the conduit between the showrunner and the studio, balancing being a creative force in their own rite, and being the through line of the series to keep the production afloat.

Panelists: Betsy Beers, Melissa Bernstein, Marney Hochman

Moderator: Meeta Agrawal
Season 6: June 8-11, 2017