What is an Adult Swim? (2014)

Adult Swim has no contemporaries. Starting out as a late night programming block on Cartoon Network, today it has grown into the #1 basic cable network for 18-34 yr olds with a full-fledged prime time slate starting at 8pm. Their programming trends towards the risqué, unorthodox, and sometimes just bizarre. Producers, executives and stars discuss what it is that makes them unique, why established and new creatives want to develop shows here, the risks they’re encouraged to take, evolution of the 15 minute episode, and how they’ve discovered new talent in every corner of Hollywood, the internet, and even Atlanta, Georgia.

Panelists: Matthew Senreich, John Harvatine, Breckin Meyer, Justin Roiland, Daniel Weirdenfeld, Chris Kelly, Jim Fortier, Alyson Levy

Moderator: Keith Crofford, Walter Newman

Season 6: June 8-11, 2017